The Fonrose House accommodates 16 guests. The bedrooms are large and comfortably sleep 3 and 4 to a room.  Bedding, sheets and towels are provided in the heated/air conditioned, charming house.  Another 8 dancers can be situated in the Upper Carriage House rooms - cozy sleeping for 2 to a room.

Meals and Snacks are included in the Retreat with our Self Cleaning Kitchen.  (We clean up after ourselves)

BYOB and brownies are welcome!

Classes and Parties take place in different locations in and around Fonrose House - some class time we will be dancing in the Yoga Center in the Carriage House and, weather permitting, dancing outside on the inlet.

Bring Something to Decorate our Party Room for our Oriental Fantasy Evening - be part of the Beautifucation Committee to heighten our enjoyment of the weekend

Conveniently situated off I-95's Exit 19 Playland Parkway, locals may opt to commute to the Fonrose house.  There is plenty of parking and you will not miss out on anything but sleep time during the retreat weekend.

If you are coming by Train to Harrison from Grand Central or flying into  Westchester Airport, arrangements will be made for pick up and drop off.   MUST contact Aszmara by Wednesday the 14th for arrangement.

Dance Intensive Weekend Fee:  $400.00

Early Bird by August 1st:  $375.00

Early Early Bird by May 1st:  $350.00

Retreat Housing Please Add $150.00

(Intensive Fee is non-refundable

  1. -you may sell your unused spot if necessary)

To Register Contact:

Live Music during the workshops will be on Saturday afternoon.  These musicians are masters in their fields and dancers' musicians.  It is not just a special treat to have them play for us; we feel so much more in the dance and find ourselves differently when we allow the present of  real music vibrate our souls.

Day Tripper Rates

Fri. Only Rate$80.00 -  3 Hour Workshop + Decorate & Dance Party  (Dinner)

Fri./Sat. Rate$235.00

Sat. Only Rate$180.00 -  6 Hours Workshop + Hafla  (Lunch & Dinner)

Sat./Sun. Rate$300.00 

Sun. Only Rate$155.00 -  6 Hours of Workshop (Lunch)

"Be The Music"

Dancers praise Aszmara's signature workshop stating that

it has changed how they view and feel their connection to dancing. 

With Insights into Music and Movement, Aszmara never fails to lead

dancers into finding new nuances in the Mind, Body and Spirit of Dance.


Work with the foundations of musical improvisation and grow as we feel the notes within.

Rhythm Play

Aszmara is most known for her amazing Zil playing -  She plays like a musician while her dancing is "in" the music.  Illuminate the rhythm inside the music and yourself. 

Emotional Connectivity to the Music and your Audience

Pacing and Drama of your piece affects not only you but your audience as well. 

By Connecting with the music, we create more meaningful dances. 

By Connecting with the audience, we find new insights into ourselves.

Live music by Souren Baronian, Robert Boghosian and Mal Stein

Accompanying us for Saturday Afternoon Classes

& Saturday Night Party

Retreat Schedule


5 pm     Arrival Snack

6:o0 - 9:00 pm      Workshop

9:00 - 10:30 pm    Decorate & Dance Party with Light Supper


8:00 am      Morning Meditation on the Sound

9:00 - 10:00 am     Breakfast

11:00 am - 2:00 pm    Workshop

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm       Lunch

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm       Workshop

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm      Hafla Dance Party with Dinner


8:00 am     Morning Meditation on the Sound

9:00 - 9:45 am      Breakfast

10:oo am - 1:30 pm      Workshop

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm        Lunch

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm    Workshop

5:00 pm  Fond Farewells

Aszmara’s Intensive Dance Retreat Weekend
September 15 -17, 2017 in Rye, NY

Each year’s Intensive Dance Retreat is so magical.  I look forward to what is in store for us at The Wainwright House this year!

“Be The Music”

We feel the music in ourselves with:

  1. Water’s Edge Morning Meditations

  2. Movement Exploration in the Open Air

  3. Dance Games,

  4. Dance Workshops

  5. Dance Free Night

  6. Hafla with Live Music!

Slide Show of Past Retreats

What is Said About Aszmara’s Intensive Dance Retreat Weekend:

Mal Stein:

As a percussionist/composer, I can tell you that taking a class with Aszmara is more valuable then you may think....she not only covers all aspects of Dance...she teaches you how to listen/count/breath/use dynamics/laugh....It was a joy playing for her class and her students were incredibly receptive to all the knowledge She was sharing... I just want to spread the word if you wish to elevate your dancing seek her out!.....”


“It was wonderful! I'd say I learned so much.... but it was more like I experienced so much, or I internalized so much, or I felt so much! Uuuuuuuuuuu.....D!”

Steffi Bruningaus article on Facebook

“Great! It was such a fabulous weekend, the experience made me listen to music differently.”


Had an absolutely awesome at Aszmara’s dance intensive. Such an inspiring event. I will be there next year!”

~~~~ Dancing is a part of your soul that is visible to the audience ~~~~~

All articles are written by Aszmara.

Respectfully, do not copy photos or articles without first obtaining permission and giving proper credit.


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