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  1.     Let’s explore the energy sources for the most basic of hip movements, the side-side hip. This movement is a natural extension of how we walk. The hip moves when we transfer weight from one foot to the other and we expand on what is natural. When you walk with one foot in front of the other (ala runway models) we see that the hip sways gently from side to side. Two images of a swaying hip walk are Mae West and Marilyn Monroe. They took from nature and extended it into a special movement uniquely their own. An extended side-side hip.

    For the side-side hips, energy moves in straight lines across the hips reaching toward infinity. We reach from the center of the hip area, approximately where a bikini would rest on our hips. With a straight movement across the body we feel a stretching from the waistline as opposed to putting pressure on the hip joint. The energy stretches the hip away from center. Be very careful not to use the hip joint for creating the side-side movement. It will ultimately cause pain in the joint and the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ has lost its power over us. It should feel like a stretch, reaching toward infinity.

    To start the movement, stand straight, abs. and glutes in, weight over the balls of the feet, and rest your weight on one foot, again, being careful not to put pressure on the hip joint. Feel your hip, reaching towards the side. If you have difficulty finding the right spot on the hip, gently pull the fabric from your pants at the bikini hip line. Pull straight out and feel the hip stretching away from your center. Keep shifting your weight and stretching the hip.

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