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Aszmara’s Choice Music & Suggested Playlist:

    The playlist is a place to start your music collection   Most of the music listed is available through Dance Venders, iTunes and Major Music chains.   Remember, that this is my taste and you may not agree with everything on the list.   In fact, a few of these CDs upon first listening to, I put on the bottom of the pile.  Days, weeks and even years later, they suddenly appealed to me in some way.   Good Luck!  Choice Music & Playlist

Archival "This Month’s Music Choice" Articles


Most Available through iTunes:

The Sultan’s Dance

The Gathering Seasons


Past Favorites!

Moroccan Dance

Immortal Egypt

Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy

Derwood Green

Immortal Egypt

Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy

Mach Mach

The Feenjon Group


The Henkish Family

Pulse of the Sphinx

Buy from the American Dancer who produced this FABULOUS CD!

Gönen Çiftetellisi


Gypsies Of Turkey

Available through World Music Institute


Zafet El Aroussa 1

Artist Hiyam Younes

available on iTunes

Originally on the record Album, Music of the Qaria circa 1974

Baladi (Asena)

At Gitsin



yes, available on iTunes

Sabah Rüzgarı

Osman Yudal Tokcan



Mohamed Ali Ensemble

The Masters Of Bellydance, Volume 2

Saidi Qa3id

The Henkish Family

Pulse of the Sphinx

Buy from the American Dancer who produced this FABULOUS CD!

Hayati Inta

Natasha Atlas

Mish Maoul

A Few Must Haves for Your Musical Library!  see choice music archives for many more selections

Gypsies of Turkey -Ahmet Kusgoz ve Arkadaslari - ARC Music EUCD 1635

    I found this CD at the World Music Institute store at 49 West 27th Street, NYC. The music is pure Turkish Rom with beautiful clarinet and violin taxims by Ahmet Kusgoz and Yener Elmas. The depth with which these players express their musical emotions does more than move you; it takes you along on their journey. It’s hard for me to pick favorites on this particular CD - each track has it’s own exciting expression. Whether you are looking for performance music or music to stretch and expand your technique, I count this CD as a must for any serious student.

    Available in major music outlets but please support The World Music Institute  without whom the artistry of world class master musicians would be lost. Their good works by giving voice in America to music and dance from around the world deserves the dollar or two more that you would normally spend on music at the large chains.

Asena - Ibrahim Tatlis -

Released in 2001, this Turkish CD is filled with interesting rhythms and beautiful compositions for Oriental Dance. From the opening song, "Warda," which is on the first BellyDance Superstars CD, to the last song, " Ifade" dancers from all levels will find something to inspire their dance.

    I finally entered the new century and have an iPod - I am so excited ( and just a little overwhelmed) as I slowly, slowly transfer over thirty years of favorite dance pieces, musicians and albums onto my tiny little wonder machine.  As of yet, navigating the different music download sites hasn’t been part of my process - but I know it’s part of yours! 

    For as many pieces as possible, the music listed has a link to the artist who sells the music as well as a short review for a few of the artists. Please SUPPORT THE ARTS and BUY their music.  Without your support, the arts cannot continue to give us such wonderful inspiration.

Be Well and Dance Happy!


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