National Performance & Workshops

  1. Adjunct Professor at The College of New Rochelle since 2002

  2.    Master Teacher / Performer 2011, 2010 Folktours Dance Teacher

  3.    Assoc. Director of Curated Concerts 2013 Theatrical Belly Dance Conference, NYC

  4.    Master Teacher / Performer 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010 Theatrical Belly Dance Conference, NYC

  5.   2003, 2001, 2000 & 1999 Festival of the Nile, Florida

  6. Mahrajan Concert 2007, Brea California with Sahra Saeeda & Angelika Nemith

  7. Workshop & Master Class Series in Manhattan

  8. Advisor Black Ice Step Team at The College of New Rochelle 2008 - 2013

             Advisor of the Year 2008-9

  1. Artist in Residence Oak Lane Country Day School, PA

  2. Ongoing class schedule in Manhattan, New York & Connecticut; instruction, coaching & choreography for dance companies and solo performers

  3. Guest Artist & Teacher in New Hampshire, Vermont, Florida, Boston,

             Connecticut, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

  1. Workshop Series in Stamford, Connecticut

  2. Weekend Workshops in New Jersey, Boston, Vermont & New Hampshire

  3. Workshop Series in Newburgh, NY

  4.    Regular Performer up till late 90’s in all the major NYC nightclubs: Fazil’s, Baba’s, Darvish, Marrakesh, Ibis...

  5. Frequent Guest Artist in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania

  6. Ethical Cultural Society

  7. Brooklyn Academy of Music, Niklaus/Louis Choreospace, Washington Square Church with Elena Lentini & Co

  8. Scottish Rites Auditorium, Hollywood, California with Ramzi El Adlibi Dance Co.

  9. Commissioned choreography for New Rochelle Opera Company, & New Rochelle Civic Theatre

  10. Yearly Educational Dance programs at New Rochelle Library

  1. Annual Workshops in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

  2. American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Hall of Fame

  3. Recipient of AAMED Hall of Fame Award 1997

co-artistic director with Robert Koch, choreographer, producer & performer

NYC Evening Length Productions of:

  1.   "Out of Time"

  2.   "Time Sojourns"

  3.     "Non-Stop Belly-Dance"

  4.     "Veiled Threat" 

NYC Performance Venues:

  1. Ohio Theatre

  2. Evolving Arts Theatre

  3. Movements Afoot

  4. Knitting Factory

  5. SounDance Repertory

  6. Dance Space

  7. Morocco's Tent Theater

SaZ Dance Theatre

Dance Companies

Oriental Images Workshops & Concerts

Photo by Alan Tansky

  "Dance is emotion in motion" describes accurately the quality of Aszmara’s dance. She is one of New York’s best interpreters of the ethnic dance. She impresses through her expressive stage presence and interprets the music with her own blend of modern and ethnic Arab and Turkish dance. The New York Times describes her dance as "intense".

    Throughout her over three decade career, performances range from cabaret entertainment to full concert stage creating themed concert events, folkloric and innovative dances.   Workshop sponsors in the USA and Europe repeatedly bring her back for her vast knowledge and informed teaching conveying technical and performance skills.  Her teaching style is highly energetic and as a master teacher she teaches master and beginner’s classes with the same enthusiasm. Her workshops, thus, are highly appreciated both by professional dancers as well as by beginners.

        As one of the leading figures in the field of the Oriental Dance, she is also one of the founders and principal dancers of the AMMED Award Winning Middle Eastern Dance Company, Oriental Images as well as co-founder/co-director with Roberta Koch of SaZ Dance Theatre, a multi-cultural woman’s dance company.  Aszmara's instructional DVD, Belly Dance... The Secret Desire won high praise from Habibi magazine.

Aszmara, a teacher of teachers, fiery performer and a master at her craft, has vast knowledge and experience in technical as well as performance skills.  Her passionate connection to the music and her informed teaching are truly unforgettable with an electric excitement of music and dance created in the space between choreography and improvisation.

SaZ Dance Theatre 1988 - 2010

co-artistic director with Robert Koch

choreographer, producer & performer

       In 1988, Aszmara with Roberta Koch co-founded SaZ Dance Theatre, a groundbreaking Multi-cultural dance company.  Classical Indian, Spanish, Afro-Haitian, Cuban and Middle Eastern techniques were blended with modern movements to create an exciting and eclectic dance form.  NYC  productions were at The Knitting Factory, The Moving Company, Movements Afoot, Evolving Arts Theatre at Dance Space, SounDance Repertory, and in 1993 and 1996 had two weeklong runs at SoHo's Ohio Theatre where  Jack Anderson of The New York Times wrote their production of "Out of Time" was "explicitly dramatic" and "a fascinating assortment of brief pieces.”

Oriental Images Workshops & Concerts 1986 - 1995

artistic and co-artistic director with Carmen & Majda

choreographer, producer, performer & instructor

        Oriental Images was formed in the mid 1980's along with Carmen Evan and Majda Mudell Fisher with the idea to educate and entertain audiences with the rich culture of the Middle East.  For 15 years they produced yearly events which were highly regarded in the Middle Eastern Dance community with workshops and concerts presenting folkloric and classic Oriental dance for the theater stage.  In 1997, Oriental Images received the AAMED Hall of Fame award.

International Performances & Workshops 

	Uhuru World Festival: Weeklong Workshop & Performance. Soloturn, Switzerland
	Lenk Symposium for Music & Movement in Lenk, Switzerland
	Yearly Performance & Workshop Tours through Switzerland: Zurich, Bern, Luzern, Winterthur, et al.
	Since 1989 - 2003 Yearly Weeklong Dance Workshops in Switzerland
	Weeklong Workshops on regular basis in Toscana, Italy
	Trinity College, Dublin
	Dublin, Belfast, Galway & Cork, Ireland    
  Performance Tours in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, Bahamas & Bermuda

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